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Geolocation Web Applications

Works on any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Device!

These applications were created in order to explore the potential uses of GPS technology now available in most smartphones and mobile devices. The purpose of these applications is to bridge the gap between the physical world and the cyber world. These applications are mobile-enabled websites designed to allow users to leverage the use technology in their everyday life.

The use of these web-apps is completely anonymous, no identifiable information such as IP address is used, and no historical location information is stored on our servers. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for additional details. By accessing these applications you hereby agree to the terms of our Software Disclaimer.

We believe there are numerous use cases for this type of applications, these are a few examples:


  The GPS Friend Finder app

Several people are attempting to meet each other in a city they are visiting. They are all unfamiliar with the city. 
They can both use this application to see their position on the map. They can exchange their pseudonym, and know exactly where the other people are in near-real time.


Share your location in case of emergency! You are lost and stranded in an unfamiliar location and need someone to come pick you up. 

Using this application, you can email your exact location to the other person with one click. The recipient will be able to view your location on a Google map and be able to get directions to your location.


 Where in the World?

Where in the World should I go on vacation next? You can use our Random Location generator to select a place for you.

The application will display basic information about the location (Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude) as well as the reverse geocoded description of the location.  Since about 70.8% of the Earth's surface is covered by water; this application will adjust the randomness of the selection to the remaining 29.2% of the planet that is covered by land!

   Compass Course Navigation


The goal of this web application is to help students familiarize themselves with the skills needed to successfully navigate a compass course.


The goal of this web application is to allow users to draw digital triangulation lines on a map without having to actually use a physical map and markers.

Whether you are a Wildland firefighter attempting to triangulate the location of remote smoke plumes, a member of a Civil Air Patrol team working on locating the signal of a distress beacon from an ELT, or for any other purpose, we hope this application will be useful to you.