Where Am I User Manual

The Where am I Location Sharing App is a mobile-optimized website. It should work on most devices and browsers.

By accessing this application you hereby agree to the terms of our Software Disclaimer and of our Privacy Policy.*Google Maps is a trademark of Google Inc. By using this software, you agree to the terms and conditions of Google Maps.

You obviously have to enable and allow your browser to access your location information. Browsers do this in a number of different ways, a GPS may not be required. However, a GPS is needed to provide good accuracy and near real-time location information.

The user interface is very straightforward for anyone familiar with mobile applications. The main screen does not display any information by default.

There are two buttons available on the top section of the screen.

Get My Location

By pressing this button the application will query your device's GPS in order to establish your location. Users may be prompted whether they want to allow this application to access the GPS data. The application will not work if you disallow this action.

Depending on your location and actions, some data may not be available. Also please note that the first time you access your GPS, the location data may not be very accurate, in which case you should select the "Get my Location" option again and see if you get better accuracy.

The main screen will then display the following information:

Depending on your device and your situation, the following data could be displayed:

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Accuracy
  • Time Stamp of the GPS reading
  • Altitude
  • Altitude Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Heading

The Application will then use the Google Maps API to estimate the nearest reverse-geocoded location to your estimated GPS position, and also compute the distance and heading from that address to your actual location.

From this screen, you also have the option to email your current position by clicking on . This will generate an email containing a link to your location in Google Maps.

You also have the option to select and copy information from this screen and paste it in any other application on your device.