Latest Updates

Passphrases are better than passwords

By now it is generally accepted fact that passphrases are more effective than traditional complex passwords and also a lot easier to type and remember.

We recently released an open-source Python library for generating passphrases with numbers and special characters. It is a Python library, and a self-contained Windows command line executable is also available for download.


We recently released an open-source tool that can be used to provide public/private key encryption of files or data. It is a Python library, and a self-contained Windows command line executable is also available for download.

GPS Friend Finder

A new and updated version of the GPS Friend Finder was released. It now includes a wider geographical range (150 Km) and a greater timeframe (you can now see people who were in that location within the past 2 hours).

Alexa Skill

I don't know about you, but I personally spend a lot of time copying and pasting or re-typing bits and pieces of event information from the web, my email and billboards out there into my calendar to create actual calendar events. There has to be an easier way!

This Alexa skill, "Email my Calendar Event", is here to help. The basic free version of the skill allows users to speak a new calendar event, and have Alexa email them a written version of the event. An in-skill purchase subscription allows users to also receive a calendar file attachment (a .ics file) as well as a QR code that can be scanned by any mobile device. This allows users to easily share the event with others, allowing them to import the event with one click or one camera scan, instead of wasting time re-entering that information. Our lives just became a little easier!

Obviously, this skill requires that users let us access their email address and their timezone information, but we will never store or use that information for other purposes. You can refer to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy for additional details. Hope you find it useful, additional tools will be forthcoming.

Event Extractor Mobile App

An ALPHA version of the Event Extractor mobile website was made public. It is a follow-up to the Alexa skill, and an effort to teach computers to translate common language into calendar events that can be easily processed.