GPS Friend Finder

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The GPS Friend Finder Location Sharing App is a free mobile-enabled website that runs on any PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Device!

There is now a very long list of friend tracker apps used by families and loved ones to keep an eye on another, whether it’s to know where they are or for safety concerns.

Just to name a few, there are mobile apps like Jink, Alert.Us, Life360, iHound, React Mobil, Rapid Protect and PlaceUs; as well as Facebook’s Nearby Friends, Apple’s Find My Friends, and Foursquare’s Swarm.

All of these applications allow you to keep track of the location of friends and family members, but all of them require all parties to use the same app, and to register and provide their profile information.

The Friend Finder Location Sharing App took a radically different approach. First, there is no app to download, just a website to visit. It will work on any mobile device, IOS, Android, Windows phone, etc.

Second, there is complete privacy and anonymity, no registration is needed, no identifiable information such as IP address is used, and no historical location information is stored on our servers. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for additional details.

Finally, this app does not track your location all the time, use it when you need it, and then just close your browser.

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