How To Use - User Manual

The GPS Friend Finder Location Sharing App is a mobile-optimized website. It should work on most devices and browsers.

By accessing this application you hereby agree to the terms of our Software Disclaimer and of our Privacy Policy. *Google Maps is a trademark of Google Inc. By using this software, you agree to the terms and conditions of Google Maps.

Please see the FAQ section for any questions or issues not answered in this manual

You obviously have to enable and allow your browser to access your location information. Browsers do this in a number of different ways, a GPS may not be required. However, a GPS is needed to provide good accuracy and near real-time location information.

The user interface is very straightforward for anyone familiar with mobile applications.

The blue dot represented by

indicates your current location. The circle around you represents the current accuracy of your location. It is green if your accuracy is 100m (33 ft) or better, otherwise it is red. You are actually somewhere in that circle.

The menu on top of the screen has four options:

              • My Location
              • Settings
              • Users
              • About

My Location

This popup window will display real-time information about about your location as reported by your device. The date and timestamp represents the last time your GPS reported a location to your browser.

The "Last update" represents the last time your position was updated for other users to view, and the "Moved by" represents the distance your position has moved since the last update. Updates will occur more frequently if you are moving fast, and less frequently if you are not moving.

From this screen, you also have the option to email your current position by clicking on . This will generate an email containing a link to your location in Google Maps.

You also have the option to save your own track by clicking on. Your track will be included in GeoJSON format in an email that you can send to anyone. GeoJSON can be visualized on a map by using several free tools such as the following website: Please note that your track is not saved on your device or on our servers, it only exists in your current session.


This popup window allows users to set a few preferences. The first field displays your default username. This name can be modified by clicking "Save Name".

You can also set your preferred measurement units between feet/miles and meters/kilometers.

Turning OFF "Auto Update GPS Position" will essentially stop this application from receiving updated from your GPS. It will also in turn stop the interface from updating your position, and also from receiving updated positions from other users.

If "Auto Center on my Position" is set to "On", the map view will be re-centered on your position each time your position is updated. If it is set to "Off", you will be able to move around the map and view other users on the map without this annoyance. Please note that certain actions will automatically reset this setting.


The Users side panel will display a list of other users in your area. Users who have not updated their position in more than 6 hours will not be displayed.

The list and position of other users is updated every 10 seconds.

The list contains the default or self-proclaimed name of each user. It also indicates the reported accuracy of their browser, as well as the time elapsed since they last saved their position. This information can be used to infer the accuracy of the real position of the user.

Clicking or pressing on a user will re-center the map on that user's position.

Clicking on a user will draw a line on the map between that user and your position. It will also bring a popup window containing the user's name, as well as the flight distance between the user and yourself.

The popup window also contains four icons. Clicking or pressing on will open the Users side panel.

Clicking on will recenter the map and reset the zoom level to display that user.

Clicking on will pan and zoom the map to display both your position and that user's position in the view.

Clicking on will use Google's direction service to display a walking path, as well as walking directions between your position and the selected user's position.

Directions are displayed in the User's panel, in a collapsible element that can be toggled open or close.

Please keep in mind that these directions are not automatically refreshed if you or the other person move, or move your view in the display.

Directions remain available in the User's panel and on the map until a new set of directions is requested.